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Geopier SRT - Slope Reinforcement Technology

The patented Plate Pile™ method provides slope stabilization using an array of rigid steel piles driven into the slope in a staggered array of uniformly spaced rows.  It is well suited to rapidly and economically stabilize landslides that occur on sites that have difficult access or require minimized environmental disturbance and to stabilize steep slopes to create more buildable space for developments.  The method has been used for highway slopes, commercial developments, creek bank repairs, unlined canal slopes, levee slope repair, and mudflow source areas. 


Rapid Installation Process:  A large number Plate Piles can be installed rapidly, thus reducing the required construction schedule as compared to other solutions.  For example, smaller slope areas (i.e. 3,000 – 4,000 sq ft) have been stabilized in a single day.  The SRT system is typically installed using small, tracked excavators with a hydraulic hammer attachment.  Installation is a fast, clean, dry process that can occur even in poor weather.  

Access to Restricted Spaces: Small, mobile equipment and easily-handled Plate Piles allow the system to be installed at sites with difficult access and without the need for major grading.  The SRT system can reduce permitting/ROW requirements needed for earthwork operations.  

- Low Impact Technology: The SRT installation process provides minimal site disturbance with a low carbon footprint.  The method minimizes site disruption effects on natural vegetation, and often eliminates delays related to environmental permitting.

- Lower Cost: The cost to install the SRT™ system is typically significantly less than the cost of conventional remove-and-replace methods or retaining walls. 


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