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Geopier Densipact - Soil Densification

The Geopier Densipact® system is an efficient and cost-effective Intermediate Foundation® solution for the support of settlement-sensitive structures. The patented Densipact® system is cost-effective for improvements of loose to medium dense granular soils (SP, SP-SM, SM) where an increase in soil density is desired.  An innovative multi-tined tooling that is driven with vertical ramming energy is combined with a sand backfilling process to create soil stiffnesses 2 to 4 times greater than the in-situ condition.  

Construction Process
1.  A specially designed multi-tined tool uses high frequency, vertical impact energy and downward crowd force to drive the tines to the design depth.

2.  The tines are removed and the resulting cavities and depression are filled with sand or other suitable aggregates (i.e. gravel, recycled materials).

3.  The tooling is then redriven in the same location to further improve the loose sand and backfill materials. The process is repeated (typically two to three times per location depending on soil conditions) until increased penetration resistance is achieved. Verification of improvement is provided through load testing or insitu penetration testing (CPTs, SPTs).

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